After years of practice,based on the business process management theory of American professor Potter and German Professor Scheer, China Momentum Consulting Co., LTD generalize a set of scientific and technological project process management norms, help enterprises to complete the whole process of scientific research management in many aspects,such as rationalizing the project feasibility study, R & D investment budget, scientific research management, all aspects of the project technical appraisal, intellectual property management, financial management, accounting standard research , the evaluation of intangible assets and the asset value of the enterprise. The establishment of scientific research project process, breaks the problem of long-term poor communication among scientific research, management and financial departments,and improves the efficiency of business operations. At the same time, the research cost was controlled , scientific research value reflected rapidly,and the assets and the value of the company was booming.

Finance and taxation is an important guarantee for the development of the real economy. Under the complicated economic situation, enterprises are faced with various challenges at all times. If the enterprises want to get out of the dilemma, on the one hand, they should actively participate in the construction of new industries; on the other hand, they must take the initiative to upgrade their business to search the highest point value in the industry chain, regional economy and even the global economy, so then get the support of capital. With the new service model of “tax + financial + capital”, the momentum integrate the knowledge and experience of taxation, finance and other areas of business , to provide customers with new financial services and help them solve many new problems about finance, tax and so on.At the same time, the Momentum associates with the Central University of Finance and Economics to hold training activities to help entrepreneurs and finance people understand the multi-level capital market structure and improve their skills of financial instruments.

The development of Internet technology put the industry to change deeply. In 2015, based on the sample service of nearly 1000 enterprises, the Momentum developed and completed the project management system of “” to provided free service to our customers and gain much praise. In December 2016, the project won the awards of top-100Chinainnovation of small and medium sized enterprises.In order to gather audit companies, law firms, consulting companies, outstanding talent and other social resources to help customers with efficient, high-quality and low-cost services, our independent “excellent service” business transaction system “” officially launched in December 2016. This marks the Momentum already had abilities to integrate social resources to serve customers.

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